The healthcare industry is expanding at a enormous rate and an increasing number of health issues demands proper focus on health industry. There are many healthcare software available which focuses in different verticals like Hospital Management Systems, Medical Billing & Accounting Solutions, Customer Relationship Management, Patient and Insurance Information Services, Electronic Health Records Systems, Lab Information Management and many others.

It would be really hard if you are looking to find all the features in a single software package, but not with oeHealth – Odoo Health Management & Simplified Medical Solution. oeHealth is a web based world class suite of packages such as Electronic Medical Record, Hospital Information System, Wards & Beds Management System, Appointments, Prescriptions, Inpatient & Outpatient Management, ICU & Surgeries, Laboratory Test Management & Execution, Patient Family & Insurance Recording & Reporting.

  • Web based, intuitive and easy to use
  • Clinics, hospital and group of hospitals
  • Multi-lingual, multi currency including HR, Accounting, Purchase, Expenses, Collaboration, Inventory and POS pharmacy.

        Patient call logs and Patient medical history, Patient walkins, Medical certificate

        • Manage each inbound call logs information and automatically record the information to related patient.  

        • Record patient medical histories and access them as reference during Appointment and Walkins screen

        • Record complete details of walkins  appointments for your patients with related evaluations, lab tests, inpatient admissions and prescriptions info.

        • Register and print details of medical certificates with date of leaves and reason for related patient.

        Pediatrics, surgical and Ophthalmology management

        • Newborn Baby & APGAR Management
        • Pediatrics Symptom Checklist
        • WHO Pediatrics Growth Chart
        • Manage complete details of Surgery
        • Revised Cardiac Risk Index
        • Supplies related to the Surgery
        • Record details of team of Physicians involved in the surgery
        • Separately record findings of Left & Right eye with most required parameters during each visit
        • Print evaluation report for every visit

        Nursing & Ambulatory, Imaging & Neglected Tropical Diseases Management

        • Manage daily rounding and record details of patients during each rounding
        • Patient Ambulatory care management
        • Print report for each rounding
        • Management of different imaging tests like X-Ray, Ultrasound, MRI, CT Scan and PET Scan
        • Choose from existing test types or add custom one
        • Print the report and generate invoice for the completed tests
        • Domiciliary Unit Management
        • Chagas DU Entomological Survey Management
        • Surveillance and management of Dengue fever

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